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Redbus - inconvenience and loss of money due to wrong bus booking

Hi, I want to file a complaint against redbus.in .I booked a ticket online from panaji to bangalore 1 April 2014 6:15 pm svr travels from redbus.in .I went on a vacation at panaji, Goa.On April 1 I was waiting at the panaji bus stop for the bus for more than an hour and there was no sign of bus, finally I asked someone about the bus and they said there was no SVR travel bus from panaji to bangalore, finally I called redbus to confirm and I called like 6-7 times and every time someone picks up tells me to wait for 10 minutes and that they will get back to me but i dint get any response so called again and again . This time i dint hung up the call i asked him to look into the information while i will be on hold. Then he gave me a number of SVR travels I called at that number only to know that there was no bus service from panaji to bangalore from SVR travels.When I called redbus back they told me the bus was cancelled(which I think is a lie as i talked to the svr travel and they clearly mentioned there is no such bus service "available" from panaji to bangalore - not "cancelled" )and then he said i will get a refund, i asked him to provide me some other bus at least so i can go home but he said there was no bus available finally I ran here and there asking for ticket availability and through a agent there i booked a ticket on double the original ticket price (i think it was a black ticket) had no other option so I booked it. I had so much of inconvenience and had to take half days leave from office the next day as I arrived late. I lost my precious time, lost double the money I booked tickets for and lost my half day at work just because there was an error in redbus booking. After all this, still I just asked them to refund double the tickets original price. But they refuse to do it.This is not the way a customer should be treated.Luckily I got another bus that day otherwise I might have lost my job as well. Regards, Shreenu

shreenu sadanand

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