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Indian National Suggestion SchemesAssociation - Erratic

We too have had very bad experience with this co in general and with this person in particular, as nothing got done until we phoned and phoned number of times . Every now and then this guy would come up with new charges, which were not even agreed upon .Most of the time our website does not open at all causing us embarrassment as we are not able to reach our members with the info that they should have on timely basis. recently they phoned us that we have to renew our website and pay charges while as we have renewed the same only last year for 10 years ata stretch, when informed about this, there was a sheepish explanation that the web site must have erranously sent a reminder .First of all the web hosting people /co will send us a reminder and not to Technobyte, we have not received any, as such this lokks fishy and looking at the complaints here we strongly feel that there is something wrong with this so called co. . We may have to take strong action against this CON business of technobyte solutions.Technobyte has number of email ids and nice reason to say, "we did not receive your mail".


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