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TataSky - Faulty Settop Box

Dear Sir / Madam My Tatasky Settop pbox is not working for the past 30 days. The company is willing to replace this with a refurbished box with 1 month warranty. On asking why I need to pay for this there is no answer. I have escalated this to to the nodal ream with a few basic questions Query: a) Who does the Set top box belong to ? The subscriber or TataSky ? If it belongs to TataSky I request you to point me this terms and conditions. b) Why does the service engineer insist to take back the original set top box (which I have purchased) and according to me should by the subscribers property. Complaint : b) If the set top box could be fixed by the experienced engineer why was I forced to have my set top box replaced c) Why do I have to purchase a refurbished set top box with one month warranty d) The person i was corresponding with refused to provide me information on how to escalate the matter, but only insisted to "wait" for a call back by some "corporate" team. I received this call on 25th March from this number 8066233000. I requested the person to send me a written confirmation, but am yet to receive any email. The nodal team did call me back, but no information on my queries have been given Regards, Samit


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