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Maruti Suzuki - The Driving Range indicator disturbed after 3rd Servicing

Dear Sir, Please refer to Swift Dzire registration number UP32EX0063 which was procured from KTL Pvt Ltd, Faizabad Road, Lucknow on dated June 11, 2013. I feel proud to be owner of Swift Dzire, an unmatched family vehicle. I would like to inform you kindly that the vehicle was sent for 3rd free service at BRIGHT 4 Wheel Sales Pvt. Ltd, 11/CP-6, Vikas Nagar Mini Stadium, Ring Road, Lucknow-226022. What happen actually: Every electronic indicators were functioning normally before sending vehicle for 3rd service. When I received vehicle and was on way to my office on 29th March, I found that the DRIVING RANGE is not showing proper mileage though fuel tank was full. The Driving range was showing 300 KM in full tank which was generally show 786 to 803 KM when fuel tank was filled full. I reported the problem at BRIGHT 4 Wheel, the personnel who look after the problem have cell number: 9838075940 because the personnel who was instrumental during service was on leave having cell number 9628370665. The vehicle was run for about 20 KM but no change in Driving Rage was depicted. They keep the vehicle for some time and disconnect the battery terminal and erased all previous data of TRIP meter. The personnel asked me that after 20 to 30 KM the driving range will show proper range. The milometer at the time of service was showing 9009 KM. In evening of that very day I completed a run of about 167 KM, but no correction found in Driving Range indicator which run to 400 at a particular time but abruptly switch over to 425, 405, 395, 450 like misbehaving electronic part of any equipment. I again contact to personnel on cell number 9628370665 and narrated the problem. The gentle personnel asked me to come to service station with vehicle for a day. I did the same. The checking personnel asked me to fill the tank what ever is left, 11.6 lts fuel again filled to bring the tank at full position. In evening when I got the vehicle again found that the Driving Range is showing 500KM against previous experience of 786 to 803 KM. Currently the driving range indicator showing 450 KM. As per my observation the personnel at BRIGHT 4 Wheel not serious of this issue and misleading me about correction measures. In view of above, requested to please look after this matter to release proper direction to concern technical personnel to check the vehicle and do needful accordingly. I am ready to call on if informed. Happy to co-operate you. Best regards Dr.A.K.Singh 1/63, Bahar A Sahara State, Jankipuram, Lucknow-226021 9415105802, 9696960019 alternate email : arvindk1964@yahoo.com


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