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Maruthi Driving School - Driving school charging 1200 fees for paying bribe for govt officials

I joined MAruthi driving school and got ready to get the LL done. They told me that the fees is 1200 and gave me a sheet which says RTO and fees details. When asked they told me that its govt fees. though I was surprised that its so high. Went to RTO and when I frist gota challan and amount the reciept was given was for Rs.30 I was shocked and asked them directly why this is beign done. The driving school person said its for paying bribe for govt officials to do their job. I am standing in queue, taking the test and abiding by all the rules, then why should I even give any bribe and why should maruthi suzuki pay any bribe on my behalf. How are they even authorized to pay bribe on my behalf without even saying that they are bribing. This is a serious offense and needs to be strictly acted upon. I got my money refunded, but saw that many other people who joined the driving school were cheated without a valid reciept for the amount taken. Not sure if the money goes to driving school or govt officials.

Lakshmi G Sharma

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