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Pepperfry - Book case

We ordered Housefull George book case from Pepperfry on 22nd March 2014 worth Rs 8355. We received the product on 12th April i.e. 20 days after placing the order. The product description mentioned the product to be made of Engineered wood, but when we received the product, the back was made of very thin cardboard sheet. We called the customer support on 13th april (within 24hours of receiving the product), but the customer support representative Pratik started giving lame reasons to not take the product back. Few reasons cited are: 1. Any furniture a consumer buys from Pepperfry even big wardrobe, the back will be made of cardboard sheet. 2. He said furniture are made to order and Pepperfry does not accepts return of furniture. But the product home page, http://www.pepperfry.com/housefull-george-book-case-1102003.html?pos=1:1, does not mentions this policy. It says products can be returned within 24hours and at some penalty after that. I called customer support once more, a lady picked up the call. She gave me a different reason and said there is no return policy. Website says products can be returned within 4 days upon receipt of order. how can a customer place a return order when he or she has not received the product. When I called pepperfry third time, same guy Pratik picked up the call and now he gives us a different reason of not returning the product. Pepperfry in this way is cheating a lot of customers. I hope this complaint will guide other customers. Please do not buy any furniture from Pepperfry.


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