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You Broadband - Pathetic Internet Speed

Hi, I am Youbroadband customer. My plan is You Comfort 30 months, 512 kbps speed, unlimited usgae. My account number is 100872 I am facing internet speed problems every night between 7pm to 3am. You can check the data usage in my account to know the same. The day time speed somehow appears to be ok but still is never even close to 512kbps. I am facing this problem since a week or more. i have called up the customer care several times and all they give me is another complain number and fake promises that the problem will be sorted out in 24 hours. All i get is calls from your end saying the complaint is resolved only to face the same complaint every evening, They asked me run speed test via your website but the speed is so slow that the test doesnt even seem to get completed. However i am attaching a screen shot of the speed test for your reference. the speed is clearly less than 0.02mb and the test didnt even get completed after several hours of wait. I am extremely disappointed by this slack attitude and pathetic service provided by your company. I would like an immediate solution to this problem which is hampering my work. Also, Mr gaurang, if your website flashes your phone number as 09909968303, then you are expected to receive calls and respond to customers. i have been calling repeatedly since Friday working hours and all i get is the number is switched off. I would like immediate solution to this problem. If you cannot provide service then refund my money back and do not dupe customers like this. Vandita

Vandita Shanbhag

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