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Hyundai - cheating in insurense

dear sir iam the customer of hema hyundai karimnagar i purchased the two new vehicles on August 15 I20 and September 20 i10 grand. in the covernote and bond there is difference amount iwas found which i was attached the file . Now i20 was claimed according to the covernote amount there is a 0dip policy for the amount of 23844/- and the bond which i received the amount is 17406/- i think it is cheating case now the claim amount is above 20000/- how will be pay the amount either bajaj alianz are hema hyundai karimnagar with out any information are approval from the customer. Do need full as soon as possible like this cases there are more in karimnagar . prapull, 9985444685, 8096999685 karimnagar, a.p 505001


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