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HTC - Irresponsible Customer Care

Sir/Madam, I had provided my HTC ONE X+, for a screen flickering issue on 25th March 2014, while the mobile was still under warranty. It has been three weeks now. I had been running every now and then to the HTC - TVS service center located at Basavangudi, Bangalore, during this three weeks. I had to resubmit my mobile again and again for the same issue. In three weeks, I had submitted my mobile four times with the same issue. Each time, they returned stating that the issue is fixed. Two times I was able to identify the issue while collecting it back from the service center itself and had immediately returned it back. When I contacted the HTC customer care, it is also not helping out in anyway, except for providing empty promises that it would be fixed if I submit my mobile again to the service center. This time again, after I got back my mobile I noticed the same issue. I am again being asked to resubmit the mobile. This doesnt seem to end. In this three weeks, my mobiles housing case and mother board has been replaced. My mobiles warranty period also got expired on 11th April 2014. When I contacted the customer care for replacement of my mobile, I am being denied even that stating that they wont replace the mobile until they replace minimum three hardware parts. If the service center has not been able to fix my mobile after so many days, I do not understand what they expect the customer to do. I have been completely taken for granted by the HTC Service Department and feels like HTC has decided to not respond to any of my mails or concerns raised in their online forums. I had also dropped a detailed mail of everything that I had to go through with their service center and customer care starting from 25th March 2014 to till date, to india_customerservice@htc.com. Still expecting a reply from them in this regard. Please note that, even after repeated requests to the customer care representatives I was not given contact of any of their superiors, so that I can interact and escalate. Hence raising this here. I also have a video of my mobile screen flickering issue, which I am unable to attach here. I can send it to the concerned if required. Mobile IMEI Num: 353567053006335. HTC Complaint/Ticket Numbers: 14INA140008832 & 14INA130003763 & 14INCW16ENA000093 & 14INCW16ENA000188 I had made to run more than enough and I want either a replacement to my faulty phone or full pay back of Rs.30000, which I had spent to get this faulty mobile. Expect some action atleast through this forum. Regards, Mike

Michael Raj V P

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