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State Bank of India - Unable to activate the Internet Banking Facility

I am one of the customer of SBI Amalapuram for about 7 years.When ever I go to the branch for enabling the Internet Banking Facility, I was provided with a KIT and asked to log in with the credentials after 2 days In the past 2 years I went to the branch for about 6 times and for 3 times I was told that he/she is on leave and the remaining 3 times, they gave me that Valuable KIT and asked to log in after two days Every time I log in, it warns me that provided credentials are invalid. The following are the answers I got when I call to the branch 1. I was sitting in the cash counter, so unable to process your details, will do that by evening(for 3 to 4 times) 2. Our manager has been transferred. All the passwords are with him, so there is a delay in some accounts 3. May be something happened.You better come tomorrow and apply again, we will process ASAP I am not staying beside the branch to go every time they call and if someone go on behalf of me to ask this, they got the only response that, unless the account holder is here we are not supposed to do this.

Balarama kishore Yerra

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