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Wills Lifestyle - Cheating by charging exorbitantly

It is very regretting to bring to your notice that yesterday i visited the wills lifestyle outlet at Fun Mall, Gomtinagar and the services of the staff was pathetic and awe full. The most disgusting part of my shopping experience was that nobody told me the total amount of bill of the clothes purchased by me. They cunningly packed all the stuffs asked for my card for payment without informing anything about the amount. When the payment was made then i came to know that the amount was exorbitantly high, which was deducted from my account. When i asked them about the details then they said the amount will not be refunded. I felt like being cheated and i am going to file and F.I.R for cheating against me and it will certainly damage the reputation of Wills Lifestyle so i would request you to take stern step so that the amount is refunded. Please find the details of my bill - Invoice : # 306100190, Cashier : # SMGR306, C.F : ZUBAIR, Customer I.D : 3061009123, Amount : Rs.19, 996/-.


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