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Maruti Udyog Limited - Irresponsible Service at Mahalakshmi Motors

Dear Concerned, This is about my Experience with one of your authorized Dealer in Pune.I approached Mahalakshmi Motors post my Telephonic Discussion with Mrs ANJALI about the replacement of few wear and tear parts for my 2005 Model ZEN-LX MPFI car.Mrs Anjali returend my call and confirmed that the parts that I wanted to be changed are available in the Inventory. I left my car for servicing on 15 APR 2014 at 12:40PM informing Anjali that Im planning to drive to Hyderabad from PUNE on 17 APR 2014 early hours around 2:00AM.Mr Sagar who lined up my vehicle and took over for servicing gave me a call stating that the below parts are not available in their Inventory and he cant proceed further.Distributor OveringCaliper PinBulb Holders( I requested to REPLACE the HEAD LAMPS ASSEMBLY. HOWEVER, I WAS ADVISED BY SAGAR THAT ONLY THE REPLACEMENT OF THE HOLDERS WILL FIX THE FOCUS ISSUE)Ive applied for a Leave without pay tomorrow to travel as I would get a long weekend due to Good Friday and Easter Monday and my Vehicle is not delivered and completed yet.Neither Sagar nor the Works Manager understand my concern. Apparently I will have to let go off my leave(without pay), and cant travel to Hyderabad tomorrow early hours and my vehicle is not completed as per the JOB SLIP.Mr SAGAR who is good in writing the complaints with the vehicle doesnt confidently understand /acknowledge my concerns. There isnt an acknowledgement on the WORK COMPLETED EITHER... I wonder if this is a technical lag with MR Sagar or with the process that Maruti followsWill you please answer my question? I will also need the HEAD of Sales and Services for Maharastra contact so that I can speak to him about my compensation for the loss due to the regular inefficiency of Marutis Authorized Dealers across the country.1. WHY WAS MY VEHICLE ACCEPTED FOR SERVICING WHEN THE SPARES WERENT AVAILABLE2.WHY WAS I GIVEN ASSURANCE FROM MRS ANJALI ON THE AVAILABILITY OF THE SPARES.3.BOTH THE ABOVE STATEMENTS COMITTED BY MAHALAKSHMI MOTORS DOESNT CONNECT.4.HOW DO I COMPENSATE FOR THE LATENCY AND MY LEAVE AS I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO TRAVEL TOMORROW?Above all, MARUTI assures INDIA COMES HOME WITH MARUTI while I Cant go home due to the inefficiency. I would appreciate if someone from the senior Management call me to explain the root cause and give me an alternate vehicle(loner car) to travel tomorrow.While you guys do that I will be Busy desiminating this awful and unlawful service rom Mahalakshmi Motors whcich will be much appreciate by People who have an understanding of CUSTOMER SERVICE.NO WONDER MARUTI IS A POOR MANs CAR

Gautam Nandanavanam

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