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Jitendra and Om Tandale / Career Options - Fraud people taking money for giving job

Mr Jitendra Tandle and his brother takes money form people for giving job BUT They are providing fake jobs. They firstly tell you that they have lot of openings and need immediate money to give to respective HRs etc., They also gives you fake receipt and tell you if work is not done we will return you the money. They takes money from you and give you fake calls/ Keep you waiting by giving different reasons( which you also assumes as might be true !). Each and every person in this consultancy knows this, but they will give you reasons and keep you waiting. Eventually when you gets tired and asks for pay-back, Mr Jitendra calls you on different dates in his office or some other place in Pune for giving money back, but he do not give you money in his office and do not come on other locations and do not give you money..There are other people like Jitendra are there in Pune they generally became active before final results of Graduation. Freshers and their parents do not know about the actual fact and they become victim of such fraud people. FRAUD PEOPLE: Indrajeet Nazare. Om Tandale, Jitendra Tandale


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