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100bestbuy.com - I am cheated in the name of contest by 4000 Rs.

Hello, This happened in the month of August 2013. I sent several emails to communicate but did not get satisfactory answer. Now I am feeling helpless. I tried to place the order to utilize my credit points to recover some loss, but this site is still asking for money while checkout even after checking checkbox for using credit cards. I made call to call center and they asked me to pay half money. But on payment gateway it is showing full money. This is open cheating. Please help me to get justice. I have full list of conversation on email which can be provided at any moment. I have described the full complaint in below: I am cheated by a well known website in the name of contest and 100% cash back offer by 3999 Rs. On inquiry, customer support replies that there is no contest for which I played (whose result was going to be declared on 30 August 2013). After two weeks when I sent another email with clear intention of legal action, they replied that, I played for contest whose result is being declared on 15th Sept. 2013. This is cheating. If they did not get the more participants, they must declare winners among us. I am sure that, this very well known website name "100bestbuy.com" cheated me in the name of contest and looted my money. This is the website which frequently sends email about purchasing good brand mobiles and other items on very less price. When you visit the URL, you comes to know that it is a contest with 100% money back if not selected offer. The money back is in terms of credit points, which can be utilized later for shopping on same website. First view the details of order and conversation : Invoice Ref.No. 21585548 Mobile number : 7387096551 Tracking Id : 70015799453 1.Got first call from Vishwajeet Kumar on 22nd August 2013 on 07.16 pm from mobile number 8904048979 and communication Id 751423 (as provided by service caller). 2. Got second service call regarding confirmation of orcer from Aditya from mobile number 8904048926 Let me describe more in details what actually happened. I got call from service executive on 22nd August 2013 on 07.16 pm. The name of executive is Vishwajeet Kumar (as he told me) and he called me from mobile number 8904048979. We have conversation of duration 32 mins and 12 seconds. He also provided me communication id- 751423. During whole conversation, he was convincing me and often and often stating that, the call is being recorded. During conversaion he told me that I am shortlisted in 15 people in the contest for Samsung Galaxy Grand and my rank is 10th among the shortlisted people. The contest was for Samsung Galaxy Grand contest plus 12 MP camcorder as consolation prise plus 3999 credit point as cash back in case if do not win the price. He also told me that, the result of the contest is going to be declared on 30th August 2013. So he insisted me to make payment of Rs. 3999-/ immediately to claim my name for contest as it was shortly going to be closed. He also told me that 3999 credit points will be immediately credited to my account and consolation gift of Victor Cam carder and watch will be sent immediately. I will get a secret code for the contest along with products. Also I will be immediately informed about payment and contest on email and sms on mobile. According to that, I made the online payment towards website using my credit card. As soon as the payment was successful, credit points were credited to my website account. But no order details and payments details can be seen. During all process, he was talking and instructing on mobile. When I asked him about details about payment and contest, he told me that, I will shortly receive the confirmation email and sms. So I ended conversation as there were no point to force him after payment made. Next day, I got a service call from website (mobile number 8904048926) where executive named Aditya confirmed my order. He provided me order Id as 12144667. When I asked him about contest he gave me another number 08067539401 for inquiry. On Saturday 24 August 2013 I got the parcel with consolation reward, but one item and deal code was missing. Also there were mismatch in billed quotes. I sent emails to customer care regarding missing product which was later replied by customer service. The customer care email id are 1st: care@100bestbuy.com and 2nd: service@100bestbuy.com As I got the product, I was sure about contest. But as I did not get the deal code, I called on customer care number 080 - 67536400 to have an enquiry about contest. I was shocked as customer care executive told me that there is no contest for 30th August 2013. and contest is going to be declared on 15 September. He also asked me utilize the credit points. I again and again asked him to confirm that is there any contest for 30th August 2013. He told me that as there is not superior available, I can send email to customer care regarding enquiry and my email will be surely answered. From that day I am continuously calling customer care about contest, but either its going busy or they are not answering me. I am fully cheated by the website. They are still sending email to the people regarding contest and you can imagine that how people are being cheated by the website. Please help me to get information by forcing company to investigate on the communication id I provided, and get me justice either by declaring winner or refund me money. Thank you so much in advance

Subodh D. Choure

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