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HDFC Credit Card - HDFC Credit Card Rejection without any specific reason

Hi, I had applied for HDFC Bank International Credit Card through my company as part of its joining formalities. And I received the letter from bank that my application has been rejected without quoting any specific reason for rejection. When I called bank customer care (06Arpil14 13:15:00), representative told me that he wont be able to share any specific reason for rejection as there are multiple eligibility criterias and its bank internal which cant be shared with customer. I dont understand, what is called internal to bank and kept hidden from their customer in transparent banking?? I requested representative to specifically tell me the reason, so that I can investigate myself if someone is screwing my credit rating without my knowledge despite of regular full payment of my credit card bills and never defaulting any of credit payment in the history. But he said even our system doesnt have any specific reason recorded. I am pre-existing customer of HDFC and wasnt expecting this from the bank. Not happy at all and I wont be considering HDFC for banking in near future based on this experience. Details of bank communication, Application/Letter reference number 13122614315010w2 Query reference number 14049864382 Feeling like HDFC dont deserve to serve me, since I have very clean and prompt credit history in banking from my side. Not sharing any specific reason itself justifies it well. Thanks! Chandrashekhar Dhande


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