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Xolo - Q700i repair

I have purchased Xolo-Q700i- SR. No: 911310451588132model on 18/01/2014 from Telephone Shoppee-Pune-India. Due to screen damage I submitted the handset at Xolo authorized care center in Pune, “Sai-Computers & TeleShoppee-Pune-India” to repair it.[on 12/03/2014]. I was told that I need to change screen & touch pad and will be charged 4K for the same, also it would take around 5-7 days to get the parts. Now it has been almost a month still I havent got my handset back. Each time I call to this care shoppee, I am asked to wait for more 4-5 days on the reason that the part havent arrived yet from Delhi. So now I want some queries to get clarified from the care. · Why does it take so long to get the required mobile parts to be available from Delhi? · How Xolo or related Care Centers will compensate such kind of irritation and nuisance/inconvenience experienced by the me. · Are those parts are really that much fragile/delicate that it is taking so much time to be delivered or its the cares fault that they havent contacted/followed up with Xolo on the time? · Does Xolo really care for their Customers Satisfaction? · With this kind of service does Xolo want their business to be get settled in India?


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