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Tata Housing Development Co. Ltd. - Gross irregularities in construction

Tata Inora park undri, pune – gross irrugalarities in construction & possession Of flats by tata housing development co. Ltd. Buyers taken for a ride since 2010 and it continues… 1. Advertised For 6.3 acre project, actually limited to below 3.0 acre. Advertised in jan/ Feb2010, as per the agreement the possession was to be given by 31 oct2012, Remains incomplete even to date. 2. After The application form was filled and the booking amount paid for flats of 976 Sq. Ft in feb2010 the saleable area was revised upwards to 1010 sq ft, without Any increase in the carpet area & the building plans and the buyers were Forced to pay up & sign the acceptance letter. 3. “offer Of possession” letter issued on 04/01/2014 without oc (Occupancy certificate), A copy of the partly completion certificate was sent stating “on completion of The project final oc must be obtained by thdcl (Tata housing development co. Ltd.). Thdcl officials threatened & coerce the buyers to take possession of The flat even though basic necessity such as drinking and washing water is not Being supplied. Inora park is dependent on tanker water and 20 ltr cans of Drinking water, how long…??? 4. Thdcl Claims: there are 5 bore wells pumping water which is treated by the wtp (Water Treatment plant) and is being supplied. On inspecting the bore wells and the Wtp it is found that of nthe 5 bore wells drilled only 3 had some water and These too went dry in jan/ feb 2014, with the result as of today none of the Bore wells are operational as there is no water, in fact there is no water in Undri area as such... Wtp is nonfunctional as the water treatment chemicals and Some components are supplied by the manufacturer, also there is no water to be Treated and there is no electrical connection for the borewells and also the Wtp. Absolute lies. 5. Thdcl Refuses to provide water analysis report of the bore well water and the output Analysis report of the wtp water, because there is no water at all. Though the Written request was forwarded to the company through registered letter two Months back and repeated many times thereafter. 6. The Last and final 5% cost of the flat is to be paid “on possession of the flat” but thdcl states that the payment has To be made first and the incomplete & defective flat will then be completed Within 4 weeks to be handed over which is not happening. Apart from the above Thdcl has started handing over incomplete and defective flats without handing Over any possession papers and related documents but making sure to take a Written receipt from the flat owners that the flat has been handed over in a Defect free condition, without this letter the flat is not being handed over. 7. 5% Balance payment and other charges have been jacked up with a threat that Interest charges would be applicable w.E.F. 01 april 2014 for all delayed Payments @18% pa. 8. The Maintenance charges have been manipulated and doubled, would be applicable W.E.F. 01 april 2014, though there is no oc, No water and the flats are defective & incomplete. 9. Interest On delayed payments of installments by the buyers has been levied @ 18% pa. 10. Water Meter and electric meter, which is as per actuals has been manipulated to a Whopping rs120, 000.00 to rs170, 000.00 depending on the type of flat. Thdcl refuses to show the actual Expenses and bills in spite of written requests through registered letters, Meetings and umpteen reminders through mails to, thdcl pune office, senior officials And the cmd. 11. Charges/ Taxes towards betterment/ development of premises including amenities: (Thdcl Officials brazenly clarify that these are third party charges/ bribes paid to Various governmental agencies for getting clearances) are to be paid & Borne by the buyers: rs 55, 000 to rs 75, 000 depending on the type of the flat, Under the head “betterment & amenities” . 12. Maintenance Charges advance for 1 year has been doubled from rs 2.50 psf (As per agreement) To rs 5.00 psf., though in pune the maintenance charges are well below rs 2.0 Psf. In similar projects. 13. Maintenance charges deposit for 1 year @ inr 5.00 psf. To be handed over to the society as and when formed… is beyond the Scope of the sale. There being 250 flats in the project, thdcl wishes to Collect approx. 1.8 crores and polish it off while handing over the buildings To the society as and when the society is formed… thdcl has left enough Options/ loopholes to use these funds for supposedly development short falls Etc. Handing over pittance to the society. This apart the interest charges on This account would amount to rs 32 lacs pa. 14. Stilt Car parks have been haphazardly allotted across various buildings. You have a Flat in one building and the car park in some other building. The stilt car Parks have been paid for but thdcl now refuses to give the number of the car Park allotted even though the full cost of the flat has been paid. 15. In view of the delayed Completion of project by thdcl(Still under completion), interest payable to Buyers (Over 17 months@18% pa, same as thdcl rate) : thdcl refuses to pay Interest charges amounting to over rs 7.00 lacs as of 31/03/2014 and the flats Are still incomplete and the interest dues continue to mount. 16. The Quality of fitments and the material used inside the flats is of third quality, Substandard, commercial grade, seconds defective right from tiles to taps, Electrical fittings, doors, locks, marble etc. The workmanship is of an Extremely poor quality, a novice job. Demo flats shown and flats that are made Are not even 15% of the demo flat in terms of quality and workmanship. At least 50% of the floor tiles are defective/ warped/ damaged or have been fitted Unevenly which will have to be relayed. Extensive damaged fitments and tiles. Toilets have flimsy false ceiling with open Sewage pvc pipeline of flat above, running directly above your head is Nauseating, a design blunder/ failure, a major defect. Ceiling height varies Due to defective centering of the slab. I invite ndtv team to visit inora park And see the substandard and defective flats, which is an eye opener, it is for Anybody and everybody to see and believe... 17. Thdcl Is now forcing the buyers to take possession of the flat without solving any of The problems/ issues/ damages & defects, rectifications. Buyers taking over Flats are forced to sign document that flat is handed over in a totally defect Free condition. 18. Information On defects and the related issues & problems have been informed in person, Over telecom, e mails & writing to thdcl pune office, mr. Rajiv ambekar, Vice president, thdcl at mumbai, mr brotin banerjee, cmd, thdcl however nobody In thdcl is ready to solve the issues and the problems, instead they are just Brushing aside and sweeping the muck under the carpet, the usual delay tactics. Copies of correspondence between me and thdcl, if required, could be provided. 19. The Entire 250 flat owners are facing the same issues & problems but have no Option than to take over the defective flats paying unreasonable & unjustified, Manipulated amounts demanded by tata. 20. Thdcl On enquiring/ request are not willing to give us the flat owners contacts list So as to ensure that the buyers dont get together to take up the issues Jointly. 21. Surprisingly There are many tata group employees who were offered the flats at discounts, Are totally dejected & feel that they have been cheated by the very company They are working for. The only buying factor that fooled the buyer was the tata Brand that caught the unsuspecting people off guard. Thdcl is ruining the brand Tata name built over decades. In view of the above, we request the Channel to take up the issue with thdcl and also air it on the tv channel & Ensure justice to 250 buyers of flats at tata inora park undri, pune, who Otherwise have been cheated wholesale, high and dry by the tatas, reading toi it could serve as a warning to general public not to fall a ploy for tata name and to avoid thdcl altogether.


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