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Eden Pharmaceuticals Limited - Scam

I found Eden Pharmaceuticals Limited from IndiaMart and found their website very comprehensive. I made an enquiry for Oxycodone 30mg in light blue with K9 imprint.There was a Dr. Sonia replied my email and told me he could supply authentic ones, made by KVK Tech Inc., He also said in the email, " we would do our best to make sure that, this first transaction goes successful so that we can earn your trust the more". " Please just tell us the quantity you need for your first order, and we will not disappoint you. We will do everything to make this first transaction a success and we will always provide you with the best services and an on time delivery" I sent $68 USD for 20 tablets of Oxycodone 30mg in light blue with K9 imprint, which includes $50 for EMS shipping. The following day that Dr. Sonia told me that, " We are sorry for the inconvenience but it seems your order cant be processed. Please cancel the Western Union transfer you made. We have been tol that there is now a minimum order for all products and your order is not up to the minimum quantity our pharmacy can ship. We are so sorry for any inconveniences. Thank you for your understanding" So I went back to Western Union, cancelled the $68 receipt and sent $282(minimum order of 240 tablets)to Sonia Rani as requested by Dr. Sonia on 9thApril, at 10:00. He took the money the same day at 19:24 (India time) Later on the same day at 11:05, that Dr. Sonia replied that " Thanks for sending the receipt. We will get back to you with a tracking of your package as soon as it is register for shipping" After that, he kept on telling me to be patient and wait for the tracking information and he stopped replying my email as from 19:28 on 10thApril 2014. I clicked his company, Eden Pharmaceuticals Limited from my saved favorites but it turned out a different company called Med Plus Pharmaceuticals Private Limited. It is obvious that it is also from that Sonia Rani as the content of the website is exactly the same. I have already submitted a complaint to IndiaMart earlier

Hin Kai Woo

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