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ACT Broadband - Pathetic Internet

Act broadband as pathetic Internet connection initial when I got connection for the first time I registered for 6 months hearing to the good feedback given by lot of people and actually there Internet speed was good I was quite happy I thought its worth paying some INR 6000++, but i am completely wrong after completion of 6 months again I renewed for another 6 months it was ok for the 1st month and from there after Internet speed was completely slow and they say its high speed Internet of 15mbps its completely fake. Now its been 4 months after I subscribed for the second time its so irritating I regret for taking there connection. I think 2 weeks Internet completely stopped working and when I called and registered a compliant they said it will be rectified but it was not I had to constantly call them for 4 days and they had a standard answer saying its not working through out I trusted them but when I happened to check with my neighbour there response was its working fine for them. Its so annoying that act customer care people are fooling the consumer. Finally when I got so irritated and called them they said there technical support will cal n help me somehow they called and it was resolved in 5DAYS. Now again within 10 days its the same problem Internet is not working. I have no idea how irritated im now. I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND ACT BROADBAND TO ANYONE AND IM THINKING SHOULD I CONNECT WITH THERE SERVICE FOR ANOTHER MONTH IN MY 6 MONTHS PACKAGE. I HAVE WASTED MY MONEY FROM 2 MONTHS IN SUCH LOW INTERNET SPEED. Forgot to also mention that there customer people dont have a solution for any complaints or queries which we have. They have a standard answer im sorry for the inconvenience but tat doesnt workout guys. My second complaint is been registered today and let me see within how many days it will be rectified. I have lost the hope and im sure it will take another 4 or 5 more days and that to I should keep calling them daily and remind them that my Internet is not working. Its embracing that a company like this have such bad service. Customer Support people dont know what is happening they have a standard answer saying "Sorry for the inconvenience". But your sorry doesnt work. LETS SEE WHEN MY ISSUE WILL BE ADDRESSED AND WITHIN HOW MANY DAYS...

Veena Vijay

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