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Ezone - Careless attitude of staff

m a regular customer of Ezone. Even though there are so many Electronic shops like Reliance, croma, jumbo etc. I used to buy from Ezone only. My trust is gone on 10th April, 2014 when I bough a sony earphone. The cashier was supposed to give me Rs 205 change back and he dont have change. He went to get the change somewhere. After waiting for 15 minutes, he came back with Rs 5 and gave me. I asked him that how about Rs 200 and he said that he has given already which he didnt give at all. I was shocked with this kind of cheating and behaviour of the cashier and was speaking to me rudely and he dont want to admit at all. Such a careless and attitude Employee which I never expected with the Brand I trust. I bough most of my electronic items like DSLR Camera, Smart phone, Router etc.etc...PATHETIC EXPERIENCE! Dont ever go to Ezone..They will Cheat you! Daniel

Syam Ngaihte

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