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Konfyans Soft Technologies - Fully Fraud and Career spoiling

Guys please listen here!! Please don go Konfyans soft technologies for job. They will appoint you only for money and not for your talent. One worlds No.1 fraud is there in that company. His name is Ramki. He looks like Criminal and he dont looks like a professional. M.D Rajesh is a bloody shit playing based on Ramkis commands. Both are frauds. HR executives Srinivasan and Kumar are dummy dolls. They will not give you salary. Whenever you ask M.D he will tell get it on next week. Finally they will give 2000rs and ask us to get remaining with next month salary. Till now no projects are there. Name is Software Company but only E-publishing going on. Actual business is they will appoint you for 80000rs -100000rs. 3 months they will give useless training by Ramkis lover(Her name Divya). For 3 months you will get 20000rs in installment as salary. 3rd month you will be having assessment and whatever you do in that test, you will be fired out for failed in assessment. Then in between that if Divya dont like anyone they will be fired out for misbehaviour. But daily evening in M.D room Divya and Ramki roast nuts till office gets over. For companys publicity they conducted a walk-in and appointed 7 innocent goats. In first assessment itself 5 of them fired out for failed in test. Still remaining 2 goats are working there. After that fully back-door process. In that money Ramki bought a land of 2400 sq.ft in Mettur (his native) in his name and Rajesh bought a Concrete Mixer truck in his native. These information I got through his Neighbours because they dont know that my native is also Mettur. Their business going well and perfectly. Those who joined in Back-door with me are very afraid to question them. Because we will be fired out if we ask any questions at them. So guys please dont join in Konfyans and spoil your future.

Grabs Sha

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