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Yebhi.com - delivery of defective product

I had ordered for an induction cooktop vide order no. YBH5159866. from yebhi.com. The product was delivered to me on the 3rd or 4th of Feb 2014. On opening the package i found the body was cracked and it was also not in working condition. I mailed them about it on $th Feb2014. They promised to get the issue resolved in 3-4 days. When they failed to even contact me i called them up and they said they wanted pictures of the product with the defect from different angles. I did that and sent it. They again promised to solve the matter in 3-4 days. Again no response. So i wrote to them and called back again. This time they told me to send the pics of the outer covering . I did that again. Again the same promise and no response. After that I called and wrote to them several times without any result. In the first week of march I was out of station and i got a call from blue dart saying that he wanted to collect the item. I told him i would be back on 9th, he could collect it thereafter. He promised to collect it on 10th. After waiting for another 10-15 days, i wrote to them again and this time i got the ultimate reply. Thirty days crossed so your request cannot be processed. I have the records with me proving that i took up the issue in less than 48 hours and the delay has been absolutely on their part. I want the product returned since i have already bought another induction.


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