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DPS Indirapuram - DPS Indirapuram destroying career of their student

Beware of DPS Indirapuram (Ghaziabad)! If you will send your child at this school then at the end they will destroy their career ie. in class-X. First they will try maximum to allocate a bad score like B/C/D, they not used to give good score in their internal marking also, like in project/assignment work, they have No. of excuses, if no one known to you in the school. Second if the child will pass class 10 then they will not allocate you Science, they are openly selling the science seat, they have tied up with a coaching institute, if you take admission in their coaching then only they will allocate you Science, otherwise no chance...so overall DPS Indirapuram will destroy career of your child at the end of school!


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