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Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company - Not refunding insurance premium despite rejection of proposal

Dear Sir I submitted a proposal for health insurance with Cigna TTK health insurance co, Ltd. 7th floor- Himalya house, K. G. Marg, New- Delhi- 110001 on 04.03.2014 vide proposal no. PROHLT010002805 on 04.03.2014, medical was arranged after 8 days that too after repeated telephonic reminders, on 18.03.2014, they sent a msg. informing the rejection of proposal without giving any proper reason. Till date health insurance company has not returned my premium back despite sending several mails to their Zonal sales manager Mr. Narender Bhatia, Sales manager Mr. Manoj Prabhakar & operation officer Mr. Mohit Arora. Several personal visits made to their office, several telephonic requests also made but they have failed to respond in a positive manner. Some times they say cheque is on the way, some times they say it will take more then 45 days to refund & various such lame excuses verbally, but not responding to the mails sent to them. This is a new company which proclaims itself as a worlds no. 1 company, NOT REFUNDING THE PREMIUM DESPITE REJECTION OF PROPOSAL. I REQUEST TO YOU REGISTER MY COMPLAINT, TAKE STRONG ACTION AGAINST THIS FAULTING COMPANY. Thanks & Regards LEENA ARORA


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