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Home Credit - Asking for mobile payment before the due date

A person from home credit came to my house on 9/04/2014 and asked for the EMI of my mobile which is to be paid on 10th of every month. He told me that my EMI date was 3/04/2014 and then saying to me that if I will not pay him cash right now then he will impose 400Rs penalty on me. They are doing it because of bank holiday on 10/04/2014, but they cant do so without informing their clients. But on the other hand, my due date is on 10th of every month, therefore he is not liable to ask me for the payment. But still he started argument in front of my house In loud tone and asking the money arrogantly. I am not happy with the talking behaviour of that person, Its a big harassment in front of the public. Executives of Home credit dont care about the consumer at all, they only need money according to their preference like a gunda,

Navi Sagar

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