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BTP - Traffic Rule

Hi, Yesterday I was travelling via koramangala water tank signal, i was coming from krupanidhi college towards kormangala water tank. I had to take left turn towards madiwala at the intersection. I took a left turn as many people ahead of me took left and it was free left signal but there were traffic cops standing near kendriya sadan, they stopped me and asked to show the DL and insurance paper. I showed them all the papers, then they took my DL and started saying that the left turn i cannot take as the signal was red, so have to pay the fine of 200/-. I said the red signal was for straight moving road and not for the left but he said the signal is for both the direction u cant take left turn. But there was no board sign or anything to understand that free left turn is not allowed. I paid the fine finally. Bangalore traffic police seems to be beggars nothing else. I have a serious doubt that the traffic police has fooled me because he insisted me to pay 100/- (instead of paying fine of 200/-), take the DL and leave. The incident took place around 8 PM on 18th April 2014. Regards, Amit

Krish Kirti

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