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TATA Indicom broadband service - Bad customer care service

I made a complaint on the 17th of April regarding my Internet signal dropping so they sent over an engineer to solve the problem he said the signal had been dropping because a new building which is being constructed near mine had been blocking the signal so he said that he would have to get a longer cable cause he has to take the antenna box and fix it on the terrace in order to get signal so he had to request for a longer cable. Hence, he said he would come on sat which was the 19th of April. I waited, he never showed up so I messaged him he never replied back. Hence, I called the customer care on that day and asked them to put a reminder to send an engineer first thing on Sunday morning which was the 20th of April. Again, I waited no one showed up. So, I called the customer care number again and asked them if they were going to send an engineer or not, they said, " Yes Maam your problem will be resolved today only for sure". So, I waited, still no one showed up. Today being the 21st of April, still no one has showed up. I called the engineer up one more time today and he said, " I requested for a new cable madam and the company still hasnt provided it so how will I come". All the customer care people are doing is saying sorry for the inconvenience caused and not actually trying to resolve the problem quickly. It has been five days that I have had no Internet.


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