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UrgentVacancies.com - to refund the amount

i have regested rs 2100 in urgrnt vacancy.com.They said that this amount is not enough to complete your profile, and you have to pay again rs 5100.I had paid that amount also .again i had received an call from them and they said to pay rs 8100.I refused to pay, they said it is an final amount and you no need to pay any thing else. If you pay this amount you will get an conformation call from the company.Basically i am from poor family i had an two child.even though i have arrenged the money by selling my wife jewls.but still now i dint receive any calls or message from the company.i request them to replace the amount but they are saying we will mot replace it.and person in that urgent vacancies are talking rude.they are saying that you cant get the money back, you do what ever you con.

senkathir selvan

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