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Infibeam - Did not receive the cash back of RS.7000

These Infibeam people are the biggest fraud I have ever come across in my life. I had purchased an iPhone 6s in April 2017 with an offer that I will get a cash back of 7000 exactly after 90 days (i.e in June 2017). I have been constantly contacting them on their customer support regarding the matter. But every time they turn me away saying that the processing of that cash back is in it's final stages. I had this intuition that they are lying about the cash back processing, so I called up my bank (SBI) to confirm. Even they also said that they were part of any such scheme which Infibeam is talking of. This was the first time I had shopped with Infibeam only due to the fact that they were offering that cash back. Also at that time I had paid RS. 46000 for 6s 32GB version which was way more than what other vendors were offering. But now when I haven't got the cash back, I feel cheated and also mentally harassed by these frauds. But I won't let them go away so easily. Will try my best to expose them before the world and prevent others from getting looted by Infibeam. #InfibeamFraud

Anupam Singh

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