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xiaomi - Grievance with Xiaomi company

Dear sir, This is for your kind information that Xiaomi service centres aren't capable to solve a problem in my phone even whenever i submit my phone for a problem it continue as it is and there is one more problem occurs in my phone i want to share with you from the starting 1. First time when i submit my phone for display change in the service centre they replace my display successfully and it works good but after that i face a problem that is phone hanging or video stops for a while or music stops when i connect my phone to my car via bluetooth and this problem persists as it is till date. 2. Second time when i submit my phone for for the same problem xiaomi service centre format my phone upload the software again and give it back to me and said that your phone is ok now but after using my phone i realise that my phone is having all the problems as it is. 3. Third time when i submit my phone for the same issue then they replace my motherboard and taking 10 days but during the time of the delivery when i signed on a paper in which it is clearly mentioned that my IMEI number had been changed i saw that my rear camera was also replaced when i asked for that then kaushal said that when i replace your motherboard camera has been broken and hence we changed the camera also. Now problems facing by me are mentioned below 1.Phone hanging problem 2.Video stops for a while 3.Music stops a while when i connect my phone to my car via bluetooth. 4.Camera not working properly(proof attached) 5.Back touch button stops working sometimes. All the problems persists as it is even it increase day by day whenever i submit my mobile for repairs in the xiaomi service centre. I registered a complaint against xiaomi service centres also but no solution or satisfactory reply from xiaomi. I registered a complaint against xiaomi in the National Consumer Helpline also whose compalint no. is 410048. As I do all the things which service centres adviced me or which xiaomi adviced me but still my phone not working properly now this is my request you to kindly replace my mobile ASAP. regards Manish Kumar 9599377223

Manish kumar

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