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Grofers - Incompetency in delivering order #GR722414593

GR722414593 This is with reference to my order #GR722414593 placed on friday, 6th Oct, 6:46pm. The order was scheduled to get delivered by Saturday, 7th Oct, 6pm -- 8pm slot. Instead of delivering the groceries I got a call from Grofers on 7th Oct, at 7:43pm, which gets missed from my end. So I called back at 7:45pm and the number(from which i got the call) wasn't reachable. I got a message from Grofers saying that they tried reaching me but couldn't get through so they are rescheduling the order to Sunday, 8th Oct, 6pm -- 8pm slot. Due to the timing constraint of the working hours of Grofers's customer care, I couldn't connect them via chat as well. So I messaged them again on Customer Chat section via Grofers's app, which stays unresponsive for a very long time. Now, after calling the customer care on Sunday, 8th Oct @ 9:32am, I get the justification for the non delivery of the order saying 'we are short of delivery boys in your area and hence the delay/rescheduling' and when I insisted the person to deliver it in an earlier slot (as my meals were at stake and logically I was not at fault from my end), I was given lame excuses for not able to do so. Still, on human grounds, I considered the reason and waited for my order patiently. Today, 8th Oct, I got the number of the delivery boy (which we get usually when the order is on the way) and proactively called him at 7:36pm just to make sure I don't sleep empty stomach today. Also I considered the fact that the delivery boy was new to the area and hence again the delay seemed happening. I told him that I am ready to adjust and get a late delivery today but he has to make sure he does the delivery and also explained the directions to reach my location. So my calls to the delivery boy keeps going out at 7:36pm, 9:26pm, 10:16pm, 11:21pm but nothing gets delivered to me, instead I am just given assurance for delivery. Rather, In the last call I am told that the delivery will be made on Monday, 9th Oct. My concern is, Why do I have to suffer, sleep empty stomach and go through mental agony? If Grofers is incompetent to make a delivery then rather they shouldn't take an order instead of fooling the consumer. It's because of Grofers I have to deal with my 4 times of meal and disturb my sleep to raise my voice. Hoping for some serious action on it.

Rizwan Sayyed

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